Road Wolves

What do you think of the flash game Road Wolves? Do you know what is this all about? Do you know how it works? Well, this is not about wolves literally but a game about racing cars. As we all know, flash games about cars and racing have been emerging as one of the top games existing right now because of the aim or objective to be the best racer. The title Road Wolves emerged because the best player will be called the wolves on the road being the fastest and craziest racer on the track.
The objective is to be the first one to finish the race with all efforts and ways. The interesting fact about Road Wolves is there are no rules so players can really do all the craziest ways to beat the opponents. There are weapons that can be used in boosting your way to the finish line as well as slowing down a racer ahead of you. In Road Wolves, you will have to be like a wolf which is fast, wild and dangerous on the track.


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