Earn To Die Super Wheel

The flash game Earn To Die series has been very successful because of three reasons. One is because it involves zombies which are getting more and more appreciation from moviegoers, television series followers and flash game players. Second reason is because it involves a lot of action where one can really have a good and fun time playing. The last reason is because of the fact that it is about survival which is what we all aim for in real life. It is nice to have or follow a series like this which has a new version in Earn To Die Super Wheel.
The objective of this game is to earn cash and upgrade vehicles by smashing and killing zombies on the way using different vehicles. There are two modes available such as Story Mode where you will have to play a day to day running or rather driving to earn money for upgrading different parts of the vehicle such as boosters, fuel tanks, wheels, transmission, engine and weapon. The second mode is the Challenge Mode which enables you to drive with a limited or strict budget. Play Earn to Die Super Wheel now by searching for this link online.


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