Rooney on the Rampage

Football is a world famous sports for many reasons. One is because of the engagement of cheers from the fans that really makes the festive and intense atmosphere grow. Another is because of the fact that this is a tram sports and many players can really have their playing time in the field. Last reason is because of the time limit and halftime which enable the players to experience pressure and break from the game. It is so nice to know that this famous sports has been inclined in flash games. One of them is Rooney on the Rampage.
This game is a fun football flash game that will surely give players a wonderful time of playing. There are two main characters that a player has to be familiar with. The first one is Wayne Rooney, e main football player and Ronaldo, the one that Rooney should kick towards the goal. The rules of the game is to guide Rooney to hurdle every obstacle before aiming for the goal. Obstacles pertains to players barraging on his way. Help him jump and kick players out of the way and kick Ronaldo towards the goal.


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