Kingdom Rush 2

Kingdom Rush 2 is action-based thrilling game full of adventures and of course a test of your skill. The king nominated you as a knight to protect the kingdom from the unknown enemies who the king heard to attack his kingdom. Play the game here at Strike Force Heroes Your role as a mighty knight is to protect the path leading towards the kingdom from the enemies.kr_nextpreview_1_big

In the early levels your enemies are not so strong, but with the rising of the levels, they are surely more and more strong and you must have to upgrade the skills of your troops because the more you upgrade their skills, the more and better powerful troops they will become through. You launch your mission with converting the dilapidated shacks into the barracks. Footmen, Archers and Sorcerers are your basic troops to fight with. Archers are ranged attacking unit and Sorcerers can use the supernatural power that can slow the target of the enemies with allowing your own troops taking them out. Use the best of your wit to win over the dark armored enemies.screenshot-kingdom-rush-frontiers-new-towers


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