Sushi Cat 4

People who loves the two delightful things sushi and cat will definitely enjoy the game Sushi Cat 4 from Strike Force Heroes 2 . This sequel is one of the most exciting ones among others. The game is based on two things-sushi and cat. All you have to do is to feed the cat sushi and complete some tasks after that to complete the levels.
In the game you have feed the cat sushi as many as you can.1-1

By eating the sushi the cat will get fat and will increase in weight. Afterwards you will do same tasks to get the cat to his kittens. The kittens are held by a bacon loving dog. So the objective is to free those kittens by getting fat after eating sushi. So, enjoy this charming game of cats and kittens and free those kittens from the ruthless dog. Play this game free in many sites.software_manufacturer_sushi_cat_2_1187139_g2


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