6/2014 early May, a 3D online game Happy Wheels belongs to the very being blockbuster Vietnamese favorite gamer is Wildstar has officially opened the English version and get the attention of many people. But one thing is quite difficult for our country gamer that this RPG business in the form of purchased games and playtime and monthly charges.


Accordingly gamers will have to spend $ 59.99 (approximately 1,200,000 VND) to buy the Standard Edition game or $ 74.99 (approximately 1,500,000 VND) for the Deluxe edition to begin participating in the virtual world Wildstar. After a free first month, the month of gamers still have to spend about 15 $ (300,000 VND) to buy more time playing. But publishers also pretty easygoing when allowing gamers to purchase playtime draft not required to recharge.


With many gamers comment Vietnam was sticking with Wildstar is a time period from the opening test until entering the final version of the attractions of this game is that there are many features to explore, not merely a mechanism for non-target fights bold action. These new players could be overwhelmed by the in-game system too rich.

The massive in-game systems are not only overwhelming but also when new approach could create irresistible attraction once gamers have wanted to delve research, in part because it is easy to and the very interesting approach that the unique features this brings.


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