My Dolphin Show 4


Your goal in the My Dolphin Show 4 is to entertain the audience, enough to keep all happy as you complete each level. As you complete each trick success for your audience, you’ll earn gold coins that you can use later in the game. In addition, by performing each stunt to perfection, you will wow the audience, keeping them stick to their seats and their eyes glued to you, cheering you on for more!

Click to Play My Dolphin Show 4


How to play

Similar to the previous version, the My Dolphin Show 4 of the joystick is pretty basic. Use the left and right keys to steer your dolphin in these directions. To jump high above the water, press the up arrow key and dived to the bottom, press the down arrow key.


My Dolphin Show 4 comes packed with 16 levels of fun, plus 2 bonus levels a total of 18 levels in all. As you progress through the game, the levels get harder, and the procedure becomes slightly difficult to implement. 17 and 18 is quite difficult to unlock, however. To unlock the level 17 you should have at least two stars on all the levels previously. To unlock the level 18, you must have three stars on every level before.


At level 1, you need to complete 3 different stunts. The first stunt was to jump out of the water and touch 3 beachballs nose hovering in the air. The stuntman second is to jump out of the water and hula hoops through 2 then nose-tap 3 beachballs. The stuntman third is to jump out of the water through the hoop well, turn and go through the rings suspended in the air, then pass through a hoop second floating on the water on the other side.
At level 2, the first stunt of you is to jump through hoops two well hung on two beams. The stuntman second is to storm a floating beam while nose-operates three beachballs then landed in a loop towards the swimming pool to splash the audience. The stuntman third is to jump through a ring donuts at the side of the pool, floating beams storm a nose-exploited while three beachballs, then landed gently back into the water on the other side via a second floating ring donuts.


After each level you complete, you can unlock new adorable outfits in stores dolphin game for your little cute to wear for her next show. A total of 21 costumes for you to choose from, including:

  • A cheerleading outfit
    A similar French outfit
    A duck
    A ghost
    A baby crocodile
    An elephant

Playing as a cute dolphin and perform various tricks and stunts in amazing dolphin show this game – My Dolphin Show 4! Win the hearts of the audience by performing stunts and tricks perfectly, leaping through the air, and underwater diving. Rake in the gold coins to buy new costumes surprisingly cute for your dolphin.

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