Papa Louie 4

On our site are a lot of exciting games that you should explore. After working hours or simply stress free you will find entertaining games to relieve fatigue and relax. And next we introduce to you the next version of Papa Louie.
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Papa Louie 4 brings a new look for the game as well as a new flavor, this is the game full of bitter sweet taste when it is filled with crazy mutant fruits, cakes, ice cream and more more that never before been found in other parts of the game. The game keeps the same and theme intact but has a few changes the set to give a new feel.

Stories and objective

Papa Louie is on his way to introduce new items in the menu, all the customers were expecting him to show up, but the client is extremely disappointed with the inability of Papa Louie’s to keep his promise. But the loyal customers have found some wrong and went to check on Papa Louie, and it seems he was kidnapped and a kitchen full of monsters modified food again and going out into the whole terrorism city. The client must save Papa Louie and prevent mutation desert spread throughout the city. This time the monsters are roaming the world of Papa and other foods turn to monsters as well.


Your goal is to help customers on the rescue mission at Papa, as he had been kidnapped by his enemies, the only way to save him is by fighting against real monsters mutations and solve the puzzles. Increase your power by joining forces with many customers in different parts of the city.

This sequel does not let you play with Papa as he is one of the trouble this time, instead you can play with the customers who are willing to do anything for Papa, with other characters several to choose from, the game can give you many new features with different weapons, abilities and more. different customers using different weapons and character options are limited in the beginning, you will have to find the rest of the people scattered all over the city to join them in the adventure to rescue Papa Louie .

Papa Louie 4

The game takes place in the city where Papa Louie live, mutant monsters are roaming everywhere. They can be very dangerous and you should be very careful and use the right weapon. Papa Louie 4 includes various enemies that can be harmful to you in your adventures, some of the is-


Pastry Monster – these look very tasty and sweet, but as soon as you come close to them, it will try to devour you. The pastry cream will rush towards you to see you, to avoid at all costs and ensure to avoid touching the cream stains on the ground that can poison you exposed.

Jelly Monster – Monster jelly seems to be completely harmless, but it is capable of harming you in different ways. Monster jelly can drown you in it and keep you stuck in a short period of time which can reduce your health hardly. These monsters can also be useful as they can be used as a means of a spring to jump higher.

Cherry – Cherry Even sweet red can be quite dangerous when they are mutated, the walk around the jump and break things on the road.

Papa Louie finally thought he was safe from interruption and destructive mystery of his grocery store, he did not have any details of the incident he has faced before in a long time, and he declared that he was finally able to operate its business and satisfy customers. While he was fully assured of the safety of his customers and he, Papa Louie once again facing a great danger during this time serving desert.

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