Jurassic Park™ Builder


Jurassic -Par- Builder-1

The features of the Jurassic Park Builder:
• 44 different dinosaurs to collect and grow.
• 43 species of different sea creatures to collect and grow.
• 43 species of dinosaurs from the glacial period to explore and develop, including the woolly mammoth.
• Live multiplayer games with your Facebook friends and other fans Jurassic Park
• Built-in social features (accessibility, help friends and gifts).
• Pictures and stunning sound effects with 3-d animation.
Welcome to Jurassic Park! ***
To entertain your clients and collect more money, you’ll have to be creative and decorate your Park and construction of various attractions and buildings as recreation centers, hotels, restaurants and Office security. ‘ Code Red ‘ mode allows you to maximize your profits further and can also prevent the dinosaurs from escape and destruction on the island. But to access it, you will need to grow at least 5 eating meat!
Jurassic -Par- Builder-2
To build the aquatic park of your own and discover new species, you will have to reach level 10!

To build your own Glacier Park and discover new species, you will have to reach level 20!

Along the way, you will meet with familiar characters from movies such as Jurassic Park, Dr. Ian Malcolm or John Hammond, who will help you advance in your journey by giving you tasks to complete.

Based on the ground breaking film franchise “Jurassic Park”, the experience of your own thrilling interactive journey on Isla Nublar mystery!

Jurassic Park-building from A to Z, on land and on the sea! You are the first owner of the Park: the development of the different dinosaurs once you have extracted DNA from the fragments of amber color. Then, this DNA change with the help of friends. Put your dinosaur in your land, aquatic parks or ice then help them grow to full size for adults. Depending on the diet for each species of dinosaurs need plants, meat, fish or seafood to developed. Make sure that you always have enough food by monitoring available at the port of arrival. Finally, the active development of tourism by building roads, so that visitors can come to your Park and discover your beautiful creation.
Start your amazing adventures and start building!

By installing this application, you agree to the terms of the license agreement.
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