Mirror Wars

GameK As previously reported, Mirror Wars , shooter style “arcade” was officially released in the Southeast Asian market, more specifically in Thailand. This means, Vietnamese gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the game is quite easy and fun to play this. After expo famous game ChinaJoy 2013 , Mirror War has been … More Mirror Wars

6/2014 early May, a 3D online game Happy Wheels belongs to the very being blockbuster Vietnamese favorite gamer is Wildstar has officially opened the English version and get the attention of many people. But one thing is quite difficult for our country gamer that this RPG business in the form of purchased games and playtime and … More

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is a MMORPG themed superheroes of DC, which is also very familiar with Vietnamese gamers. The game was released worldwide, with the English version for the region stretching from North America, Europe to Southeast Asia. Top 10 best foreign online games in 2015 DC Universe Online gameplay for gamers led to fierce … More DC Universe Online

Kill Aedraxis

Xavar closed his eyes and focused for a moment, calming his beating heart. He had been taught well by the learned sages of Caer Mathos. All things in this world are connected. A thread runs through us all; men, beasts, demons, monsters. Each one possessed a shared gift. The gift of death Kingdom Rush 2. Xavar … More Kill Aedraxis

Kingdom Rush 2

Kingdom Rush 2 is action-based thrilling game full of adventures and of course a test of your skill. The king nominated you as a knight to protect the kingdom from the unknown enemies who the king heard to attack his kingdom. Play the game here at Strike Force Heroes 3strikeforceheroes3site.wordpress.com. Your role as a mighty … More Kingdom Rush 2

Free Toddler Games

Do you have any toddler aged kids? You can help your kids to learn new things by playing free toddler games. There are different types of toddler games available online and you will really enjoy your time by playing this game. You can check Strike Force Heroes 1strikeforceheroes1.wordpress.com to play this amazing online free game. Free … More Free Toddler Games

Red Ball 6

Red Ball 6 is the sixth installment of the game series which is an online game and you can pass a wonderful time with this game. In this game your task is to destroy the red balls and to save the blue balls. The game is available for free at Strike Force Heroes Gamestrikeforceheroesgame.wordpress.com  Red Ball … More Red Ball 6